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Barnard Castle- Roof/chimney inspection


This  client contacted us with a problem they were facing to help gather the inspection data of the chimney and tiles situated around that section of roof regarding rain water leaking into the property and causing all sorts of problems. They realised the expense that this would incur to evaluate the area i.e thousands of pounds to hire in a scaffolding company to erect around the building, and with that said, they still could not physically reach the chimney due to another low roof at the base of the adjoining building. Also the permits that are costly from the local authorities to erect the scaffolding - have to firstly be obtained, followed by risk management, mitigations, public pathways being closed etc...


They approached us for a solution to help them gather the images for their maintenance team to inspect and to pass on to there property owner. We accepted the challenge. We contacted the local authorities, councils(landowners), police and local airports (ATC) and MATC (MOD) to inform them of our intensions and to be given the permissions needed to carry out the operations. Once agreed and all of our insurances were in place, we deployed an UAS (drone) to carry out the mission under the skillfullful control of one of our CAA registered experienced pilots, at a fraction of the cost for the client.


We saved the client a significant amount of money on this project and provided them with the images and video they required in order to fully inspect the problem and rectify it. The client was so pleased with the results, they are recommending our services and agreed to definitely use our services again.

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