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Wavertree Heritage

Problem Our client approached us to see if there was anything, we could do to assist in capturing images for the city Heritage Day. Apparently, there were no images available for a small number of iconic historical places.

Solution We were provided with locations consisting of two churches; a railway cutting; a lock-up and a clock. After conducting a risk assessment of the sites we were able to offer a number of options available to the client. With a number of hoops to jump through involving permissions from the rail network, councils, airports and other elected officials we finally had a plan, just the weather to sort out!


Over two perfect weather days we were able to film aerial videography of the locations, overcoming the challenge of flying into a church to capture those special images for our client. In addition we were able to capture panoramic views of the surrounding horizon. We were honoured to be able to be involved in the special occasion of the city.

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